White Label Hemp Derived Products

At Sterling Hemp, we are proud of our operation’s transparency. We can provide full chain of custody information from the farm the hemp was grown on, extraction date, product formulation date, and packing date. In the creation of products for humans or animals, we believe only premium all natural and organic ingredients should be used. We create edibles, tinctures, topical creams, vaporizers, capsules, pet products and more! Contact our licensed commercial kitchen and lab facility any time to learn more about our process, and the products we have helped create.

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Why Choose Sterling Hemp?

Whether you're looking for products infused with conventional, or USDA certified organic CBD & CBG extracts Sterling Hemp Labs can fulfill any of your white labeling needs. We specialize in the extraction of CBD, CBG, and other hemp derived compounds as well as the infusion of consumer products. We are capable of producing organic and conventional THC-Free products as well as organic and conventional full & broad spectrum products which can be tailored to your unique specifications. Our team has experience paring hemp derived extracts with the finest carrier oils, essential oils, terpenes, and herbs on the market. We stay up to date on the most recent research and product formulations to provide our clients with the highest quality white label products. Our final product, along with the extracts used in our white label products, are tested by accredited 3rd party testing facilities. At Sterling Hemp we strive to deliver only the highest quality white label CBD & CBG extracts, which is why we exclusively use USDA certified organic ingredients in our product formulation’s. Whatever your white labeling needs may be, Sterling Hemp Labs is your source for high quality CBD & CBG extracts.
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