What is Toll Processing?

Toll processing is a form of contractual arrangement between a hemp farmer, or a company with an inventory of hemp biomass, and a hemp processing facility. Processors extract CBD or CBG oil from the hemp farmer's biomass for a fee or split model. Sterling Hemp offers USDA organic certified toll processing as well as contemporary food grade toll processing. We charge our clients by the input pound of hemp extracted. Our process starts with the intake of your material. Dried and harvested biomass, or extract is brought to our facility where our team will assign your material a unique internal lot number. This number is entered into our batch tracking system and can be used by toll processing clients to track the progress of their material. We grant our toll processing clients access to our proprietary batch tracking system so they can have valuable data on their material through each phase of our extraction process. We  also provide our clients with ISO 9000 accredited 3rd party lab results. Along with bulk CBD & CBG extraction, Sterling Hemp can further refine crude extracts and provide our processing clients with a much cleaner and higher quality hemp oil extract or bulk distillate. For extract refinement processing we charge clients by the input weight of the extract.

CBD products all start out the same, on a hemp farm. As one of New England and the East Coast's largest extraction labs, Sterling Hemp Labs has the capacity to handle any sized toll processing job. Our lab will process bulk organic and bulk conventional hemp material, as well as refine CBD or CBG extracts. Our toll processing clients can then pick up their bulk organic and conventional hemp CBD,CBG, or refined extracts. Many of our toll processing clients allow us to facilitate the sale of their bulk organic and conventional CBD & CBG extracts to one of our partner manufacturers, for this we offer competitive splits on bulk CBD & CBG extracts.

Why Toll Process?

Toll processing allows farmers to stay doing what they do best, farming. Extracting bulk CBD or CBG Oil from hemp biomass is a sophisticated timely process and requires expensive extraction equipment. Toll processing through Sterling Hemp Labs allows farmers to derive the most profitable component of their biomass, bulk CBD & CBG extract, without any of the risk or costs associated with operating an extraction lab. Farmers who partner with Sterling Hemp Labs to process their hemp biomass into bulk CBD & CBG extracts, can expect competitive pricing and total transparency throughout the process. As one of New England and the East Coast’s largest processing labs, we have fine tuned our extraction process to ensure our partner farmers are getting the highest possible yield from their biomass, and in turn their finished bulk CBD & CBG extracts. Being one of New England’s largest toll processors and extraction labs, we have cultivated valuable relationships with large scale manufacturers of retail products. Farmers who toll process with us can leverage these relationships to ensure they get the highest possible price for their bulk CBD & CBG extracts.

We can process your material into a variety of extract forms including
Full Spectrum Winterized Pre Decarboxylated Oil
USDA Organic Certified Full Spectrum Winterized Pre Decarboxylated Oil
Full Spectrum Winterized Decarboxylated Oil
USDA Organic Certified Full Spectrum Winterized Decarboxylated Oil
Full Spectrum Distillate
USDA Organic Certified Full Spectrum Distillate
Compliant Broad Spectrum Distillate
USDA Organic Certified Compliant Broad Spectrum Distillate
THC-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
USDA Organic Certified THC-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
CBD/CBG Rich Terpenes
USDA Organic Certified CBD/CBG Rich Terpenes